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The association

GAL VENEZIA ORIENTALE (VeGAL) is non-profit development agency, with incorporated legal status, founded in 1995 by reputable public and private companies in the North West of Veneto.
The company’s mission is to work for the development of Western Venice/Venezia Orientale through inter-sectorial actions aimed at qualifying local systems, at integrating ambitious business sectors in the territory, and at strengthening local cultural identity.
The Association’s goals are:

  • to support innovative initiatives promoted by private and public local operators as a response to the needs of both production and social realities in the territory.
  • to bring together different entities operating in the territory with the scope of working together on a common goal.
  • to qualify the local enterprise systems
  • to widen community-based experiences and stimulate cooperative transnational initiatives.

GAL Venezia Orientale works in sectors involved in rural development, intended as virtuous integration of the various economic sectors affecting the area. These areas include tourism, agriculture, enterprise, environmental protection, and local services, with focus, above all, on integration and development of cooperative proposals.


GAL Venezia Orientale
Legal status: Non-profit association with incorporated legal status. Registered in the Local registry office of Legal Persons: n. 125, decree n. 78/41.03-D, dated 18.10.2002
Registered office: Municipal of Portogruaro – Piazza della Repubblica, n.1 – 30026 Portogruaro (VE)
Operating office: via Cimetta 1 - 30026 Portogruaro (VE)
Telephone: +39 0421-394202
Telefax: 0421-390728
Tax identification number: 92014510272
VAT number: 03170090272
ISTAT code: 74.84.6
Bank account: Banca S.Biagio n. 003000075707
Bank data: CINT- ABI 08965 - CAB 36240


GAL Venezia Orientale offers other support services supports, adapting its role to the respective target and mission of a company.
VeGA’s services include:

  • Services for members
  • Free services for the public
  • Fee-based services

The services operate at two distinct levels and in line with GAL’s operational strategy:

  • To stimulate the need for advanced services at a local level through launching innovative and experimental projects.
  • To directly provide such services in their preliminary phase, until local operators (thanks to scale economies and prospective) take over, reducing the experimental phase of the service..

The services offered by GAL Venezia Orientale can be carried out in two ways:

  • Upon specific request by the user (e.g., via responses to queries, information desk, data bank consultation, etc..).
  • Active proposals made by GAL Venezia Orientale (e.g., specialized documents and newsletters, work groups, training proposals, seminars, internet site updates, “Informatore Europeo”, etc…)

Services are carried out in behalf of Member Companies/Non-member Companies of GAL Venezia Orientale.


VeGAL’s operational sectors
GAL Venezia Orientale’s operational sectors are involved in rural development, intended as virtuous integration of the various economic sectors affecting the area. The rural economy of Western Veneto is enhanced by the current presence in the territory of economic activities from diverse production sectors.

The operations of GAL extend throughout various local economic sectors, aiming at integration and development of cooperative proposals:

  • tourism, agriculture, agriculture, SME (small & medium enterprises)
  • the environment, culture, patrimony
  • services

In these sectors GAL Venezia Orientale works with public-private partnerships in order to integrate agriculture, tourism, environment, and enterprises, according to the principle of proximity or subsidiarity (i.e., a bottom-up approach) and integrability, and in accordance with the idea that the synergic presence of diverse economic sectors can help development to take root.

The operations of GAL Venezia Orientale are developed through the following activities:

  • rafting, coordination and management of project plans for local development
  • information, technical assistance and fundraising for community, national and regional financing
  • economic and territorial initiatives
  • intervention analysis and research
  • training and education initiatives
  • activating cooperative projects and research partnerships
  • interventions in the sectors of tourism, agriculture, crafts and local SME, services, environmental protection, culture and patrimony
  • local governance activities, planning and conducting
  • innovation: development of projects and research


The results of VeGAL’s activities have been realized through the direct elaboration of the Plans for Territorial Coordination, the realization of various local co-financing initiatives including fundraising and individual pilot projects.
It concerns an activity of governance that has involved VeGAL’s institutional bodies (Assembly of Partners, Management Board, and Office of Planning and Projects), as well as public and private entities and institutions aimed at creating development plans for “operational governance”.

Following is a list of some of the most significant results obtained by the Company through the application of its platform services:

Coordinating Plans

  • Plan for Local Action “Rural Innovation of Western Venice”
  • Additional protocol to the Western Venice Territorial Agreement
  • Agreement for Agriculture: Programming document for the development of Western Venice’s primary sector
  • Local Development Plan “From the Sile to the Tagliamento River”
  • Audit of the Lison Bio Valley Wine Companies : proposed by the District of Organically Grown Wines
  • The cultural district of Western Venice

Territorial Coordinating

  • Launching of the Western Veneto Forest Association
  • Creation of the Lison-Pramaggiore Street of DOC* Wines (*Italian appellation)
  • Support for the Conference of Mayors of Western Veneto
  • Support for the structure of the Western Venice Territorial Agreement
  • Program Agreement of the Western Venice Area

Fundraising Activities

  • EU funds 94-99: Leader II, Interregional II, objective 5b
  • EU funds 2000-2006: Leader +, Rural Development Plan, Objective 2, Objective 3, Equal, Committee notifications
  • EU funds 2007-2013: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEASR), Competitiveness Objective, Cooperation Objective, Committee notifications
  • Other funds: Lr 16/93, Lr 13/99

Pilot Projects

  • Analyses of tourism development and definition of the “Western Venice” logo
  • Development of itineraries with an integrated strategy between itineraries “parallel” to the coast and those “perpendicular” to the coast
  • 1st Master Program in Public Training
  • Renewable energies and energy conservation
  • Public-private project financing for the realization of public works


The added value of cooperation has helped the progressive diffusion of this project opening, widely used by VeGAL and in general by Western Venice.

Nevertheless, managing a project with partners from various countries and regions is more complex than simply putting a project into effect on a local level. For this reason GAL Western Venice develops and works, via an experimental approach, with different projects of interregional, cross-border, and transnational cooperation.

In relation to the territorial aspect of cooperation, different areas of intervention can be outlined:

  • interregional cooperation operates among areas belonging to the same country
  • cross-border cooperation operates in areas separated by borders
  • transnational cooperation intervenes in macro-territories belonging to two or more member states (e.g., “macro-regions”)
  • in other types of cooperation, intervention is carried out within the entire EU, among EU and other states or macro-areas (Latin America, Asia, USA, Canada, and developing countries)

VeGAL has developed and presently operates in diverse projects of interregional cooperation (with the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna) and international cooperation (with Slovenia, France, Spain, Portugal) through the interregional programs II and III Italy-Slovenia, Interregional Cross-border Adriatic, Leader II and Leader+. VeGAL also collaborates with various entities for the planning of strategic initiatives.


In order to spread “planning and design learning”, VeGAL directly realizes or finances educational and training initiatives geared for development Agents, public administration personnel, private structures, young people, and entrepreneurs.

Over the course of its activities, VeGAL has realized, financed, or collaborated in over 30 training courses with diverse programs. Following is a list of some of the most significant initiatives in which VeGAL has participated at different levels:

  • Leader II: in the framework of the sub -standard 2 of the Plan for Local Action, 21 training courses were activated for a total of circa 294 participants from 115 companies and entities.
  • Equal: in the framework of the project “New economy and tourism”, 3 courses were realized which aimed at the creation of enterprises in the sector of tourism and new technologies, 4 seminars with the title “Women create enterprises”, and 3 seminars aimed at schools and universities, involving a total of 295 participants.
  • Objective 3 FSE: activation of the Master in Public Training program with 115 participants from 15 public entities in the area, and collaboration in various projects of cooperation and orientation.

To confront its various targets, GAL Western Venice has stimulated or directly developed diverse types of projects that focus on local and community co-financing.

VeGAL, therefore, offers a two-fold service including territorial assistance and fundraising which has allowed for the realization of numerous projects, joining implementation with the specification of ad hoc financial resources.

VeGAL works with approved projects or in support of member or client projects, in the principal Community Programs available for Western Veneto.


VeGAL’s strategic actions include research and studies on feasibility.

Research activities conducted by VeGAL have an operational aim, preliminary to carrying out experimentations, or parallel with the initial phases of activating a structure or service.

VeGAL has carried out diverse socio-economical studies in the area, in certain cases entrusted to third parties as fund recipients, in other cases directly carried out with its own researchers and with external experts.

A list of publications realized directly by VeGAL, including those entrusted and co-financed to external subjects and those listing VeGAL’s significant roles and areas of intervention, is available for consultation in VeGAL’s annual social budget.